An Online System for clinics to manage
Their Patients , Appointments, and Staff.

Your Clinic Online !


Manage Your Paitents

Doctors can manage their patients, and view their pervious treatment histories
Search for specifics to only see what's needed
Add there image or a letter based avatar is displayed to automatically recognize the patient
Doctors can easily add symptoms, prescription and notes on each patient visit

Appointments & Visits

Doctors can record patient vitals and enter notes
Doctors can search their patients by there Unique patient ID or by their name or phone numbers
Print there visit details including their prescription

Patient Medical record

Docotors can record paiatent Vitals and enters notes
Docotors can seartch thier paiatent by there Unique Paitent ID or by there name or phone numbers
Print there visits details incuding there precription


Each doctor can see a list of today's appointments and visits he have checked
As soon as the patient is registered the appointed doctor is notified on its dashboard
Quickly navigate to full list of appointments and visits from the dashboard
See Total stats of your patients, appointments, visits and staff

More Features